BRSR Reporting

Business Responsibility And Sustainability Reporting

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  • Manage your environmental data i.e. emissions, pollutions etc.
  • Your social data at your fingertips inside one system
  • All your company governance data to help in easy reporting

Begin Your ESG & Sustainability Journey

Easily manage your Business Responsibility And Sustainability Reporting (BRSR)

Empowering businesses to analyze, report, and improve their environmental, social, and governance practices.


Adhering to BRSR reporting guidelines for your ESG report offers manifold advantages:

  • Bolster the trustworthiness, uniformity, and openness of your organization across Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics.
  • Empower investors with improved ESG scores, aiding in informed investment choices while elevating their brand’s prestige.
  • Deliver a structured approach to pinpoint and address ESG-centric risks and prospects.
  • ESG documentation ensures alignment with current and forthcoming sustainability regulations, safeguarding against potential reputational and legal pitfalls.
  • Tackle pressing global issues like climate change, societal disparities, and biodiversity depletion, furthering the objectives of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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All 9 Principles Covered

We cover all principles of BRSR reporting standard.

Advanced Emissions Analysis

Our emissions engine analyses Scope 1, Scope2 and Scope 3.

Easy & Collaborative

Our system is easy to use. Add multiple team members. All your sustainability data at your fingertips.

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